To partner with our patients in meeting their personal wellness goals. We believe that wellness is more than good test results. Wellness is a state of being. It is a continuous fluid state with goals that change as we age. Aging is a natural part of life, but chronic diseases that are associated with aging are not. We strive to give our patients options that will optimize their health in order to age healthier and live happier.

I am a nurse practitioner that specializes in BHRT, functional medicine, primary care and aesthetics. I earned my master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University and hold a national certification with American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) as a family nurse practitioner. I also have extensive training in facial aesthetics, IV nutrient supplementation as well as bio identical hormone replacement. Being a lifelong learner with 30 years of health care experience has provided me with the ability to offer my patients a variety of services targeting their individual wellness goals.

This is to inform you, that Lois Cassle is an Autonomous APRN which means we are able to practice without any type of physician supervision, we are required to notify our patients that we are registered to practice autonomously, and autonomous APRNs are required to provide new patients with written information about their qualifications and the nature of autonomous practice.  Lois Cassle MSN APRN FNP-C is an Autonomous Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.