Important Information regarding Covid-19

In times of uncertainty, we want to reassure all of you that Elite Health and Wellness Center will remain committed to your well being. We will always be here for you as a support and educational resource.  Instead of worrying about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) could adversely affect you, ask instead, how you can be part of the solution.

We know that keeping hormone levels optimized can help keep our immune systems running normally. As we optimize our hormones, many crucial functions of the body are supported. Everything from how we sleep to how our bodies respond to foreign invaders can continue to function correctly when our hormones are optimized—giving us a better chance to remain healthy no matter what comes our way!

Encourage a Healthy Night’s Sleep
As part of that process of hormone optimization, you are helping improve sleep, which has been shown in studies to strengthen the immune system.

Help Reduce Stress
With people quarantined to their homes, depression will be accelerated during the coming weeks and months. You can be reassured that hormone optimization can help reduce anxiety and decrease the severity of depression, thereby improving immune function.

Promote a Healthy Thyroid
It has been reported in multiple studies that optimizing our active thyroid levels improves our neutrophils and lymphocytes, including our natural killer cells, which help destroy the viral particles. (Frontiers Endocrinology 04 June 2019)

The following are additional recommendations for boosting your immune system.

1. Wash your hands frequently throughout a day using soap for 15 seconds using significant friction between hands
2. Spray 4 sprays of Argentyn-23 (available online or in our office) in each nostril; put your head back and allow the liquid to run down the back of your throat and then swallow the liquid twice a day
3. Maintain vitamin D levels between 80-120ng/dl; minimal dose 10,000 IU PO daily
4. Supplements:
a) ADK 10 1 capsule per day-available in our office
b) Thyroid Support 1 cap daily (iodine, zinc, selenium) Bio-Te Iodine- available in our office
c) Vitamin C 3,000-4,000mgdaily – available online or in stores
d) IP-6 2 caps twice daily-available on line and in stores. Recently IP(6) has received much attention for its role in cancer prevention and control of experimental tumor growth, progression, and metastasis. In addition, IP(6) possesses other significant benefits for human health, such as the ability to enhance immune system, prevent pathological calcification and kidney stone formation, lower elevated serum cholesterol, and reduce pathological platelet activity. (
e) Bio-TE probiotic-available in our office   Probiotics can help improve a person’s health by up-regulating their immune function. There are clinical trials that have shown probiotics reducing acute respiratory infections—many of which are caused by viruses. (
5. Lifestyle:

a) Minimize sugar intake; increase intake of fruits, vegetables
b) Mild-moderate exercise, meditate, positive mind set (laugh, watch funny movies…)
c) The corona virus thrives in cooler temperatures which is why it culminates in the nose and sinus cavity which are usually almost the same temperature as the air outside our bodies. Numerous studies have shown Corona virus is easily killed in less than 15 minutes in temperatures of 133 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you have access to a sauna spend 15 minutes in then repeat in 1 hour.
d) Diffuse essential oils in your homes eucalyptus, oregano, cloves, or sage are all beneficial.

We are offering our family of patients 20% off Vitamin injections and IV infusions throughout the remainder of March and through the end of April. Argentine-23 is back ordered call and reserve yours today.

As always, wishing you health and wellness!

Lois Cassle MSN, APRN, FNP-C
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